William Butler Yeats

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6th year English Mind Map on William Butler Yeats, created by Aislinn B on 02/02/2014.

Aislinn B
Created by Aislinn B over 5 years ago
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William Butler Yeats
1 Poems
1.1 Wild Swans at Coole
1.2 Irish Air Man forsees his death
1.3 September 1913
1.4 Lake Isle of Inishfree
1.5 Easter 1916
1.6 Sailing to Byzantium
2 Key Points
2.1 Contrasts Ideal past with sorbid future
2.2 Uses Imagery and symbols
2.3 Leaves many questions open
2.4 Deeply concerned with the connection between body and soul
2.5 He wrote his poetry in a time of historical
3 Theme 1-Ireland
3.1 complex and shifting relationship
3.2 His attitude towrads his homeland is often disappointed
3.3 Throughout his poetic career he has kept ejoyed his abiding obsession
3.4 He feels contemporary Ireland has betrayed its heroic legacy of fearless revolutionaries Cuchulain/Wolfe Tone
3.5 However, he was not a supporter of self sacrifice for
3.6 He critiscised his country for not fighting for their cause
3.7 He could not comprehend martyrdom
3.8 He always aspird to a politically ad socially great Ireland
4 Theme 2-Escape From Reality
4.1 Contrast between the mortal world of time and the idea of eternal
4.2 He was an idealistic poet
4.3 He constantly turned

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