Unit 3: Family and Friends

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Unit 3: Family and Friends
1 Vocabulary
1.1 Mother And father
1.2 Parents
1.3 Son and daugther
1.4 Childrens
1.5 Wife and husband
2 Life story
2.1 My name is Brenda Llamas. Isabella is my daugther. She is the girl with blond hair and green eyes. Zac is my son, he is the boy with red hair. My husband is the tall man with brown hair. his name is Daniel. He is very special to me
2.2 What is Brenda's last name? Who is Isabella? What color is Isabella's hair? Who is the boy with red hair? Who is the boy with brown hair? What is his name?
3 Grammar
3.1 I'm a student. My name is Brenda. Giselle is Brenda's sister. Her hair is brown. We are students. Pablo is our teacher. Pablo is the tall man with gray hair. His eyes are brown. They are students. Their names are Astrid, Montse and Eli.
4 Everyday conversation
4.1 What's the date today? It's May 17th. Who isn't at home? Luisa isn't at home. Who is happy? Mark and his family are happy. When is asad's birthday? Today is asad's birthday
5 Real-life reading
5.1 five percent of children live with their grandparents. That is about four million children. Two million children live with their aunts and uncles. Grandparents are special in many american families
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