Self Study Project 2016

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Self Study Projecting including content, teaching, and diversity

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Self Study Project 2016
1 How do I keep children engaged in class?
1.1 Know the children's interests
1.1.1 think about the stories that they are going to enjoy
1.1.2 Hands on activities they will enjoy
1.2 Interactive Read Aloud
1.2.1 text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world connections
1.2.2 stopping point to involve students
1.2.3 instructional level texts Teacher models fluent reading
1.2.4 talk partners Have students talk to a partner of what is going to happen in the story
1.3 Connect what you are teaching to real life
1.3.1 choose culturally relevant materials provide materials for ELL's
1.3.2 use specific everyday examples Link children's background knowledge
1.3.3 Link routines to learning
2 How do I help ELL's with reading?
2.1 choose appropriate books
2.2 Improve reading speed
2.2.1 build background knowledge
2.2.2 Introduce new words
2.2.3 reread familiar books
2.2.4 Echo reading The teacher reads a sentence with expression and then the student repeats it
2.3 build knowledge
2.3.1 Picture walk the book
2.4 Use manipulative
2.4.1 counters
2.4.2 sound boxes
2.4.3 magnetic letters
3 How do I scaffold children in reading?
3.1 Prompt and reinforce students
3.1.1 Teach: You can think about the most important information in the story and tell about it in just a few sentences Prompt "Somebody______(characters) wanted______(problem) but____(events), so______(conclusion." "What is something that happened in the story that you think is the most important?" "How would you describe this character (plot, setting)?"
3.2 Ask open-ended questions
3.2.1 "Why did things happen that way?
3.2.2 "What is the author trying to do here?
3.2.3 "Why is this somewhat confusing?
3.3 Graphic organizers
3.3.1 Beginning, Middle, End
3.3.2 Main Idea & 3 Key Details
3.3.3 Cause and Effect
3.4 Comprehension Strategies
3.4.1 Visualizing Create a mental picture of the story in their mind
3.4.2 Drawing Inferences Evidence from the text
3.4.3 Making Connections text-to-self text-to-text text-to-world
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