Properties of Waves

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Properties of Waves
1 Allison U.
2 All waves have common properties such as: amplitude, wavelegth, frequency, and speed.
2.1 Amplitude
2.1.1 Is the maximum distance the midium vibrates from the rest position. The hight of wave's crest depends on its amplitude.
2.2 Wavelength
2.2.1 The distance between two corresponding parts of a wave. You can find the wavelength of a transverse wave by measuring the distance from crest to crest.
2.3 Frequency
2.3.1 Is the numer of waves that pass a point in certain mount of time. Frequency is measured in units called hertz (Hz), and it is defined as the number of waves per second. For example, a wave that occurs every second has a frequency of 1 wave per second (1/s) or 1 Hz. If two waves pass every second the frequency is 2 waves per second (2/s) or 2 Hz.
2.4 Speed
2.4.1 The speed of a wave is how far the wave travels in given mount of time. You can determine wave's speed by diving the distance it travels by the time it takes to travel that distances. As long s the temperature of the midium (air) doesn't change, the speed sound will stay the same.
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Properties of Waves
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