Implementing Buttons

Tanay Karnik
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Map about how button class should work.

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Implementing Buttons
1 Drawing Buttons
1.1 Create the text texture with the point size, color and font
1.2 Query the texture for its width and height
1.3 Add the padding to its width and height to get the size of the background rectangle
1.4 Draw the background rectangle
1.5 Draw the text on top
2 Variables
2.1 Private Variables
2.1.1 bgColor
2.1.2 textColor
2.1.3 width
2.1.4 height
2.2 Public Variables
2.2.1 bgColorActivated
2.2.2 bgColorNormal
2.2.3 x
2.2.4 y
2.2.5 textColorNormal
2.2.6 textColorActivated
2.2.7 text
3 Updating Buttons
3.1 When the user clicks on the button
3.1.1 toggle the bgColor
3.1.2 toggle the textColor
3.1.3 toggle the state of the button
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