Verbs: Future tenses

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First Certificate FCE (Grammar) Mind Map on Verbs: Future tenses, created by Almudena Alameda on 04/27/2016.

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Verbs: Future tenses
    1. Future plans
      1. I´ll give you a ring sometime
      2. Definite future events
        1. Our representative will meet you at the airport
        2. Predictions based on general beliefs
          1. Mass space travel will soon become possible
          2. Offers or promises
            1. I´ll prepare some salads for the party. I´ll do my homework after this episode.
          3. GOING TO
            1. Future plans (likely to happen soon)
              1. I´m going to clear out the kitchen cupboards at the weekend
              2. Intentions
                1. James says he´s going to work harder
                2. Predictions based on facts
                  1. It´s going to snow tonight
                3. PRESENT CONTINOUS
                  1. Inminent future events
                    1. I´m having a meeting with James at 2 o´clock
                    2. Definite future arrangements
                      1. Johnny´s starting school next September
                    3. PRESENT SIMPLE
                      1. Events based on a timetable
                        1. The plane leaves at 09:45
                        2. Future intentions
                          1. NASA plans to send further rockets to Mars
                          2. Definite planned events
                            1. The new pool is due to open in April
                          3. FUTURE CONTINOUS
                            1. Certainty


                              • When we are thinking ahead to a certain point in the future
                              1. Tom will be sharing an office with Fran
                            2. FUTURE PERFECT SIMPLE
                              1. To refer to events that have not yet happened but will definitely do so at a given time


                                • Also conveys the idea of completion at some point in the future
                                1. This time next year I´ll have finished my course. Space tourism will have become a reality by 2030
                              2. FUTURE PERFECT CONTINOUS
                                1. To indicate duration
                                  1. At the end of June, Henry will have been working here for sixteen years
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