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biology B1 Revision
1 chapter 1
1.1 what is in our food ?
1.1.1 a balanced diet has the right amount of carbohydrates vitimins and minerals fats protiens fibre water
1.2 whats is bmi & metabolic rate
1.2.1 weight divided by height times height bmi
1.2.2 metabolic rate learn it well the rate of reactions in your cells metabolic rate
1.3 investigating vitamin C
1.3.1 to compare the amounts of vitamin C in different drinks we need a balanced diet to keep us healthy if we don't have one we can suffer from a difdediffiancy desease scurvy is a lack of vitamin C which is an example of a difficancy desease
1.4 pathogens and diseases
1.4.1 what are pathogens and how do they cause diseases microorganisms are too small to see some of these cause diseases we then call these pathogens
1.4.2 bacteria & viruses bacteria can cause diseases by releasing toxins that destroy cells viruses cause diseases by getting into your cells and reproducing these copies then burst out the cell attacking other cells
1.5 Dr Semmelweis theory
1.5.1 child bed fever was very common on his ward
1.5.2 the unknown material was being passed from the corpse to the pregnant women so he asked every one to wash there hands cbf went down
1.6 white blood cells
1.6.1 help us fight off diseases they do 3 things injest the bacteria (eat) lets out anti toxins make anti bodies
2 chapter 2
2.1 sensing our suronding
2.1.1 the nervous system stimulus is changes in the surrounding that you can respond to stimulus light sound heat receptor cells allow us to detect the stimulus eyes nose skin ears mouth or tongue
2.2 reflexes are fast and do not involve the brain
2.2.1 when a light is shone in your eyes your pupuls get smaller this is an example of a reflex
2.3 reflexes also happen to prevent us from harm
2.3.1 a closer look at areflex
2.4 the menstral cycle
2.4.1 the whole process usally last for around about 28 days 5 days of bleeding fhs is released to start creating a new egg on the other 22 you are at a risk of getting pregnant
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