The move by Nazhely Perez

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The move by Nazhely Perez
1 exposition
1.1 Alisson and Sean were best friends and neighbors in New York. He was always in love with her but he never said anything. When her parents got divorced, she left to Australia with her father leaving Sean behind.
2 Rising Action
2.1 Alissons parents got divorced and the custody was with her father, because of this she moved to Australia.
3 Climax
3.1 Because of how she suffered with rape, she decided to move back with her mother to New York.
4 Falling Action
4.1 when she moves back, she recovered her friendship with Sean and he told her his feelings towards her.
5 Resolution
5.1 she learns to live with what happened and accepted Sean to be her boyfriend.
6 Characters
6.1 Protagonist: Alisson and Sean
6.2 Antagonist: Noah
6.3 Secondary: Alison's parents
7 Setting
7.1 New York and Australia
8 Point of view
8.1 Third person
9 Theme
9.1 Friendship is important
10 Conflict
10.1 Thanks to her parents divorce, she moved to Australia where she was raped, because of this she does not want a boyfriend
11 Atmosphere
11.1 love, scared and sadness
12 Mood
12.1 Paranoid and happy
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