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Mind Map on Puck, created by Suzie Liverseidge on 02/05/2014.

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1 Appearence
1.1 Cheeky
1.1.1 "Have we swaggering here. So near the cradle fairy queen? What a play toward Il be an actor too perhaps?"
1.2 Obedient
1.2.1 "Fear not, my lord; your servant shall do so"
1.3 Ambitious
1.3.1 "I'll put a girdle round about the earth in forty minutes"
2 Personality
2.1 mischievous
2.1.1 "Through the forest I have gone. But Athenian found I none, on whose eyes I mught approve This flowers force in stirring love?"
2.2 Humerous
2.2.1 "I go I go look how I go - swifter than an arrow from the Tartar's bow"
2.3 Magical
2.3.1 "I took him sleeping with the women by his side, that when he wk'd of force she must be eyed"
3 relationship with other characters
3.1 Oberon
3.1.1 "My gentle Puck come hiether, you remember the time..."
3.2 Titania
3.2.1 (He squeezes the juice into her eye)
4 Importance to the plot
4.1 He messes up everything as it starts to go well
4.1.1 There is a hint to the audience that the lovers are about to work things out and then Puck puts it in the wrong place making the play more interesting and gripping to watch.
4.2 Helps Oberon to carry out his plans
4.2.1 Without Puck, Oberon wouldn't be able to make his plans work as he would have to do it himself meaning he would be unable to play the role he has himself, for example when he has to argue withTitania.
5 Relevance to Elizabethan Audience
5.1 Causes mischief
5.1.1 Upper class as love triangle gets torn apart
5.1.2 Lower class because it messes things up causing some humerous sights that are entertaining
6 portrayal in the performed version
6.1 Different hair meaning that he stands out more compared to other characters.
6.2 Big and pointy ears showing that he is not the same as the humans to make it more interesting and also less confusing when he is in the same scene as them.
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