1.3 The Trinity and the Incarnation of Jesus

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1.3 The Trinity and the Incarnation of Jesus
  1. The Apostels creed
    1. Is a summary of Christian belief shared by all Christians and is a statement of the basic beleiefs held by all chrisitans
    2. The Oneness of God and the Trinity
      1. Chrisitians believe in the oneness of god
        1. They pray to god and follow his moral teachings.
          1. God as father
            1. The creator who gives life all loving and knowing and powerful
              1. God as son
                1. Jesus who came to earth as god
                2. God as holy spirit
                  1. People believe that jesus stayed on earth as holy spirit to guide people
            2. They believe that god works in history to help and guide humans
              1. They believe god is the father the son and holy spirit
            3. Jesus as the incarnated son of god
              1. Jesus was the son of god
                1. Jesus was placed into marys womb
                  1. Jesus was god in human form on earth
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