Electric Cars in Mexico

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Mapa mental sobre los autos eléctricos en México para INGLÉS IV con el profesor Mario Cruz Camargo 437 - B CCH OTE

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Electric Cars in Mexico
  1. Operation
    1. Electric cars have a internal battery which they use to move without gasoline. Their battery is recharged from power outlet in our homes and it takes 5 to 6 hours for a complete charge.
    2. Efficiency
      1. Electric cars can travel around 170 to 400 km with the complete
      2. Price
        1. The electric cars are very expensive, price is the same that a department in Mexico City.
        2. Taxis
          1. Mexico Government bought 100 electric cars like taxis since 2012. 20 electric taxis are in Mexico City and 50 in Aguascalientes
          2. Security
            1. The battery inside the electric car is made of lithium and it can explode if you don't recharge it with a ideal charger of the same voltage.


              • https://youtu.be/SMy2_qNO2Y0?t=1m40s
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