P2: Global Warming

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Alice Hathaway
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GCSE Physics Mind Map on P2: Global Warming, created by Alice Hathaway on 05/08/2016.

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P2: Global Warming
1 Upsetting the greenhouse effect
1.1 Earth varies naturally
1.1.1 Due to movement around Sun E.g. caused ice ages
1.2 Scientific consensus humans are causing increase in greenhouse gasses
1.3 Increase in carbon dioxide levels
1.3.1 Global temperature has also increased
1.4 The CO2 increase is not due to natural variation
1.4.1 Humans are causing global warming
1.5 Greenhouse effect increased
1.5.1 Causing global warming
2 A form of climate change that can cause others, e.g. changing weather patterns
3 Climate Model
3.1 Mimic what's going on in the real climate
3.2 Explain why the climate is changing
3.2.1 Know it varies naturally These changes aren't due to natural variation
3.3 Shows increase in greenhouse gasses caused by humans
3.4 Input data and equations to work out climate
3.4.1 Surface temperature of ocean Current speed and direction Air temperature of places around the workd
4 Consequences
4.1 Sea levels rise
4.1.1 Hotter water expands Flooding in low-lying areas Netherlands East-Anglia Maldives
4.2 Ice melts
4.2.1 Loss of habitat for Polar Bear :(
4.2.2 Water flows into seas Sea leves rise
4.3 Weather patterns
4.3.1 More extreme weather Longer, hotter droughts More frequent hurricanes Form in seas above 27C Increase in global temperature = increase in water temperature More places above 27C Increased heat in atmosphere Stronger wind More vater vapour Increased chance of flooding and storms Destroy homes/ crops
4.4 Food production
4.4.1 Droughts Too dry to grow crops
4.4.2 Flooding Too wet to grow crops
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