the development gap

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GCSE geography (the development gap) Mind Map on the development gap, created by williamsedgwick on 02/09/2014.

Created by williamsedgwick over 5 years ago
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the development gap
1 categorising countries
1.1 Brandt report
1.1.1 not a true division because of Australia
1.1.2 north-south divide
1.1.3 biased
1.1.4 1981
1.1.5 simpler
1.2 first second and third world (fourth added later)
1.2.1 unreliable boundaries unclear
1.2.2 biased
1.2.3 earliest method
1.2.4 first- richest. second-middle. third-poorest.
1.3 5 fold division
1.3.1 the divisions rich industrialising oil exporting newly industrialising countries former centrally planned goverment heavily endebted
1.3.2 complex
1.3.3 more detailed
1.3.4 clearer, less biased
1.3.5 includes history of countries
1.3.6 specific
2 how to measure development
2.1 access to clean water
2.2 life expectancy
2.3 HDI (human development index)
2.4 birth rate
2.5 death rate
2.6 food consumption
2.7 literacy rate
2.8 infant mortality rate
2.9 doctor-patient ratio
2.10 GNP (gross national product)
2.11 GNI (gross national income)
3 limitations of using one development measure
3.1 they are an average so don't show huge variation in a country
3.2 economic measures give no indication towards living standards
3.3 some give narrow and confusing pictures
3.4 many countries have a low death rate now so isn't very reliable
4 Haiti earth quake
4.1 12/1/10
4.2 $14 billion of damage
4.3 230,000 killed 300,000 injured
4.4 around 1 million people were left homless
4.5 50% of schools were destroyed
4.6 99 hospitals were destroyed
4.7 roads and railways were unusable because of hug cracks in the road and bends in the tracks
4.8 90,000 people left jobless
4.9 7 on the Richter scale

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