Endgame: The Zero Line Chronicles Volume 1: Incite

Juan Pablo Galvis Rueda
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The first volume of a prequel series of the Endgame saga.

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Endgame: The Zero Line Chronicles Volume 1: Incite
  1. General Info
    1. Written by James Frey
      1. Science-Fiction genre
        1. First volume of a prequel series
        2. Specific Info
          1. Plot
            1. A teenager joins a secret organization called Zero Line
              1. ZL seeks to stop Endgame: a game that will decide the fate of humanity
            2. Setting
              1. Northern California, US
                1. Berkeley
                  1. Susanville
                    1. Redding
                    2. 1972
                    3. Characters
                      1. Main Characters
                        1. Mike Stavros
                          1. Mary Nesmith
                            1. John
                            2. Secondary Characters
                              1. Tommy Selestewa
                                1. Agatha
                                  1. Walter
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