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Measurement: Chapter 1

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1 physical quantity
1.1 quantity that can be measured
1.2 numerical magnitude & a unit
1.2.1 SI units prefixes 10^9 (G, giga-) 10^6 (M, mega-) 10^3 (k, kilo-) 10^-1 (d, deci-) 10^-2 (c, centi-) 10^-3 (m, milli-) 10^-6 (micro-) 10^-9 (n, nano-)
1.3 7 base quantities
1.3.1 #mass kilogram (kg)
1.3.2 #time second (s) stopwatches precision to 0.1s pendulum period time taken for one complete oscillation swing from one end to the other and back again to starting position oscillation each complete to-and-fro motion human reaction time
1.3.3 #electric current ampere (A)
1.3.4 #temperature kelvin (K)
1.3.5 luminous intensity candela (cd)
1.3.6 amount of substance mole (mol)
1.3.7 #length metre (m) metre rule avoid parallax errors precision to 0.1cm; length of a book vernier calipers main scale & sliding vernier scale check for zero error positive/ negative how to read? 1. grip object gently using outside jaws of calipers 2. read main scale opp. zero mark on vernier scale 3. find the mark which coincides with a marking on main scale 4. find diameter by adding main scale reading to vernier scale reading precision to 0.01cm; diameter of a test-tube micrometer screw gauge how to read? 1. turn thimble until the anvil and spindle gently grip the object, turn until ratchet clicks 2. read main scale reading at edge of thimble 3. thimble scale has 50 divisions, each is 0.01mm. take thimble reading opposite datum line of main scale 4. find diameter by adding main scale reading to thimble reading precision to 0.01mm; wires check for zero error positive/ negative tape measure precision to 0.1cm; a person's waist
1.4 derived quantities
1.4.1 area length*width (m^2)
1.4.2 volume length*width*height (m^3)
1.4.3 speed length/time (ms^-1)
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