Robert Frost- "Out-Out"


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Robert Frost- "Out-Out"
  1. Content
    1. Narrative poem describing the tragic death or a farm boy
      1. He was sawing a log when he got distracted & the saw severed his h and.
        1. His sister witnessed the accident.
          1. He died as a result of shock and loss of blood
          2. Context
            1. Inspiration taken from a newspaper report about a young boy killed in a farm accident
              1. Reported in March 1920
                1. Narrative account spoken by narrator
                  1. Title taken from Macbeth
                  2. Themes
                    1. Harsh realities of rural labour
                      1. Pressures on children doing adult work
                        1. Hard-headed approach to rural work doesn't account for youth
                          1. Attitude of rural folk to death
                            1. Some people treat human life as insignificant
                              1. The shortness of Life
                                1. Rural folk oblivious to the beauty of nature surrounding them
                                  1. Ambivalent view of nature
                                  2. Form & Structure
                                    1. Narrative account
                                      1. one verse paragraph
                                        1. poem doesnt rhyme
                                        2. Rhythm
                                          1. Regular rhythm at first (4 beats)
                                            1. Rhythm shifts in line 7 to resemble the sound of the saw
                                              1. Frequent use of caesura give the feel of natural speech
                                                1. Frost deliberately spoiled the rhythm with his punctuation
                                                  1. towards the end the rhythm is shattered like the boy's life
                                                    1. Broken rhythm imitates the wayward/wild pulse and fading life of the dying boy
                                                      1. Shortness of his life is indicated by the short "So"
                                                      2. Language & Imagery
                                                        1. "The buzz saw snarled and rattled in the yard"
                                                          1. Threatening nature of the saw conveyed in "snarled" & "rattled"
                                                            1. Personification- comparable to a savage animal
                                                              1. Onomatopoeia - sounds imitate the sound of a sawing machine
                                                              2. "sweet scented stuff. . ."
                                                                1. Sibilance - conveys an aural image of the scented breeze
                                                                2. "...those that lifted their eyes"
                                                                  1. suggests that farmers rarely took the time to appreciate nature - a tension in his role as a farmer & poet
                                                                  2. Repetition of "snarled" & "rattled"
                                                                    1. recreates the repetitive sawing action/sound of the saw
                                                                      1. emphasises savage nature of the saw
                                                                        1. Saw represents how man uses modern technology to control and obliterate nature
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