The Cone-Gatherers: Social Class

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The Cone-Gatherers: Social Class
1 Chp1: Neil's attitude towards LRC and her family
1.1 "Yonder's a house with fifty rooms...every one of them three times the size of our hut, and nearly all of them empty."
1.2 "But it wouldn't have hurt them to let us stay in the summer-house,"
2 Chp4: LRC's conflict between her Christianity and responsibility as a landowner. And her indecision about Calum and the deer drive.
2.1 "He guessed that within her was a struggle between her Christian sympathy...and her pride as a patrician..."
3 Chp5: Neil's anger at injustice but he understands he should stay quiet.
3.1 "Those people represented the power of the world, and so long as he was humble it would be benignant."
4 Chp6: Deer drive and LRC's attitude towards Neil and Calum
4.1 "LRC glanced towards the little cone-gatherer with aversion."
4.2 "LRC felt annoyed"
4.3 "I am outnumbered. Let them stay. But please, for God's sake...warn them to keep out of my way"
5 Chp8: LRC's reaction that to the suggestion that they should have given the cone-gatherers a lift.
5.1 "This is no time for playing Sir Galahad."
5.2 "It's our car, dear boy. We can please ourselves whom or what we carry."
6 Chp11: the Beach Hut
6.1 "What is the meaning of this?"
6.2 "A lifetime of frightened submissiveness held it down"
6.3 "Men in their job must be accustomed to rain"
7 Chp13: Roderick's reaction to his mother's attitude
7.1 "There was room for us all, mother"
7.2 "They are our inferiors"
8 Chp16: LRC's change
8.1 "She could not pray, but she could weep; and as she wept pity, and purified hope, and joy welled up in her heart."
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