My Ideal Job. (Social worker)

Rafael Diaz
Mind Map by Rafael Diaz, updated more than 1 year ago
Rafael Diaz
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This is my mental map about my ideal job.

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My Ideal Job. (Social worker)
  1. Money & benefits.
    1. Can have a secure salary.
      1. Can have all the benefits that the law requires.
        1. Vacations.
          1. Bonus (Christmas box)
            1. Day off.
          2. Hours.
            1. 8-hours workday
              1. 7 hours for work.
                1. 1 hour for lunch
                2. Horary
                  1. Entry at 7am.
                    1. Depart at 3pm.
                  2. What it is like.
                    1. Interesting
                      1. Discover ways to help.
                        1. Have more knowledge of the society
                        2. Stressfull
                          1. Solve social problems
                            1. Make a lot of documents.
                            2. Heartwarming
                              1. Improve the social life of people.
                                1. Make the earth a place of peace.
                                  1. Bring people to God.
                                  2. Comfortable.
                                    1. Work in an office.
                                  3. Workplace.
                                    1. At the street.
                                      1. Doing surveys.
                                        1. Giving conferences
                                        2. At the office.
                                          1. Making documents.
                                            1. Serving people.
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