La Belle Dame Sans Merci - John Keats

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A-Level English literature (Poetry) Mind Map on La Belle Dame Sans Merci - John Keats, created by Aniqa Khatri on 05/19/2016.

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci - John Keats
  1. References
    1. The Garden of Love
      1. She walks in beauty
      2. Form and Structure
        1. Compressed lines using three tetrameters followed by a final, truncated line of only four or five syllables
          1. This hastens the poem's rhythm
          2. Uses quatrains of alternating tetrameters and trimeters
            1. This meter uses early minstrel forms to create a rolling, singsong pace
            2. The question and answer from could be seen to reflect early folk Ballads
              1. Majority of poem focuses on the knights responses to these questions
              2. Language Analysis, Techniques and Imagery
                1. O what can ail thee, knight at arms
                  1. Medieval settiing
                  2. 'The sledge has withered from the lake/And no birds sing'
                    1. Death imagery, gives the poem a tragic tone
                    2. 'So haggard and so woe-begone'
                      1. Knight is ill and depressed
                        1. 'Woe begone adds to the medieval atmosphere of the poem
                        2. Death Imagery
                          1. 'Harvest is done'
                            1. Shows it is Autumn- often associated with death
                            2. fading rose
                              1. Fding suggests illness
                              2. 'I see a Lilly on thy brow'
                                1. 'Death-pale
                                2. 'She looked at me as she did love'/ And made sweet moan
                                  1. Sexual euphamism
                                  2. 'Light of foot'
                                    1. unpredicatable
                                      1. Graceful and quick
                                      2. Supernatural imagery
                                        1. 'faerys song
                                          1. 'hair was long'
                                            1. Associated with temptresses
                                            2. 'Manna dew'
                                            3. 'wild'
                                              1. not to be trusted - nymph like
                                            4. Themes
                                              1. Women and femininity
                                                1. The supernatural
                                                  1. Love
                                                    1. Abandonment
                                                    2. Typicality of Love Poetry
                                                      1. Romantic poet so typical conventions of Romatics Poetry
                                                        1. Nature Imagery
                                                          1. speaks for the marginalised
                                                            1. The Supernatural
                                                          2. Types of Love explored
                                                            1. Obsessive love
                                                              1. Pastoral love
                                                                1. Abandoned love
                                                                  1. One sided love
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