The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

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Sleepy Hollow

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  1. Characters
    1. Protagonist
      1. Ichabod Crane
        1. He had long arms, long legs, and very big feet his head was small with very big ears and a long nose
      2. Secondary
        1. Katrina Van Tassel
          1. She was the daughter of a rich farmer named Baltus van Tassel. She was eighteen years old, and it was very pretty
          2. The soldier (Headless Horseman)
            1. It was the ghost of a he.adless man riding a horse a soldier whose head had been shot off in a battle in Sleepy Hollow
            2. Baltus Van Tassel
              1. Baltus van Tassel is a rich farmer
              2. Van Ripper's
                1. Van Ripper was a great horseman, and he loved riding as fast as he could.
                2. Gunspowder
                  1. Gunpowder was now very old and only did work on the farm
                3. Antagonist
                  1. Brom
                    1. Brom was very big and strong. He was a very good rider, and he knew a great deal about horses.
                4. Places
                  1. Sleepy Hollow
                    1. Is a little valley
                    2. Greensburgh
                      1. Is a village near the Hudson River
                    3. Plot
                      1. The story is set in a town called Greensburgh, in the year 1800. In a Valley called Sleepy Hollow there is a legend of a Headless Horseman which is looking for his head. The story is also about Ichabod and Brom, they are men in love with Katrina, daughter of a wealthy farmer named Baltus. Brom is finally married to Katrina and Ichabod is going to New York since Katrina was not married to him.
                      2. Conflict
                        1. When Ichabod was with Gunpowder he was frightened by Brom, which made you think that this was the Headless Horseman.
                        2. Resolution
                          1. Ichabod He went to New York because Katrina would not marry him, and because he was afraid of van Riper’s anger about his saddle, and because of the "Headless Horseman."
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