Defining Acids & Bases

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Comparing & contrasting acids & bases

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Defining Acids & Bases
  1. strong acids & bases are able to dissociate 100%
    1. are able to conduct electricity
      1. usually found on the first 2 columns of the Periodic Table
        1. Acids & bases tend to taste bitter
          1. Strong Acids turn into conjugate bases in the right side of equation
            1. Acid strength is determined by pH
              1. Acids lower than 7 = acidic
                1. Acids around 7 are neutral
                  1. Acids stronger than 7 = bases
                  2. Some strong acids & bases can harm you
                    1. Hydroiodic Acid
                  3. weak acids & bases dissociate very little
                    1. conducts very little electricity
                      1. Taste bitter
                        1. Weak bases turn into conjugate acids in the right side of the equation
                          1. Weak acids aren't as harmful
                            1. vinegar dressing
                          2. Naming acids:
                            1. -ite turns to
                              1. -ous
                              2. -ate turns to
                                1. -ic
                                2. -ide turns to
                                  1. -Hydro__ic acid
                                3. Arrhenius definition
                                  1. Acid: [H+] concentration increases
                                    1. Base: [OH-] concentration increases
                                    2. Brønsted-Lowry definition
                                      1. Acid: H+ donor
                                        1. Base: OH- acceptor
                                        2. Amphoteric Substance
                                          1. Can act as acid or a base
                                            1. For example; H20 can act as an acid or a base but it's weak
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