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1 There is no constant interaction between doctors and the company
1.1 There is no an effective communication channel between the marketing area and doctors for the assistance of events
1.1.1 Doctors don't have enough time to answer emails and calls Implement digital marketing as a low time consumption tool for the doctors
1.1.2 Traditional communication channels such as e-mails and calls aren't attractive to doctors Doctors intentionally leave aside information sent by the company
1.1.3 Not all doctors receive the information about upcoming events programmed by the company Not all doctors assist to the events programmed by Farma de Colombia
1.2 The need of a tool that allows effective communication between doctors and medical visitors
1.2.1 Doctors don't keep in mind Calcibon special promotions (sent by e-mail) Doctors would like to be reminded about Calcibon promotions through a digital marketing tool
1.2.2 Doctors don't have enough time to meet medical visitors if digital marketing were implemented, the length of medical visits would be reduced
1.3 Nowadays there is no investment in technology for communication channels with doctors
1.3.1 Given the fact that competitors of the company haven't implemented alternative ways to communicate with doctors, Farma de Colombia doesn't feel pressured to do so By being the first company in the industry to implement digital marketing to communicate with doctors, Farma de Colombia would have a competitive advantage over its competitors
1.3.2 The company is only interested in promoting the products through medical visitors directly Managers of the company believe the cost-benefit ratio of implementing alternative promotion strategies is negative
2 Medical visitors don't receive the necessary assistance to perform well on their jobs
2.1 The profile of medical visitors that are recruited is mainly health-oriented
2.1.1 Medical visitors are not required to have experience in sales in order to work for the company A more strict recruiting process would improve the company's performance
2.1.2 Medical visitors are not being trained in marketing exhaustively Medical visitors would be better prepared for their meetings with doctors if they were thoroughly trained in marketing
2.2 The company doesn't support medical visitors enough to keep them satisfied
2.2.1 Medical visitors consider that they have a large number of doctors and it is difficult to visit all of them in an specific period of time because of the distances and the mobility By organizing the medical visits sectorally, the medical visitors will increase their goals
2.2.2 Medical visitors handle high levels of stress because of how demanding their job is Medical visitors would like to have the option of receiving psychological services from the company
3 Loyalty from doctors is not as high as it could be
3.1 The company has different incentives for doctors, but those are not enough
3.1.1 Doctors receive attention from different pharmaceutical companies Doctors prescribe more drugs from companies that give them more incentives and attentions
3.1.2 There are legal limitations that don't allow intensive use of incentives towards doctors Doctors try to get paid for their prescriptions
3.2 Some doctors prescribe the medication only once
3.2.1 Some doctors are not motivated to prescribe drugs from the company Doctors only take advantage of the attention but not consistently prescribe the drug
3.2.2 Some drugs are not inside of POS Some doctors are self-conscious to prescribe drugs because those are not inside POS
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