Meaning of the Allegory of the Cave

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Meaning of the Allegory of the Cave
1 Allegory
1.1 A story with meanings on several levels
2 Why does Plato use this Allegory?
2.1 1. Express progress of the mind from the lowest stages of enlightenment to knowledge of the Good
2.2 2. Show a contrast of those who see (philosophers) and those who cannot
2.3 3. Express his views on who should be in charge - the more rational and enlightened beings ( philosophers)
3 Imagery of the cave
3.1 Comfort zone
3.2 Closed minds
3.3 Happy with what they perceive as reality
3.4 Limited to what they can learn
4 The Prisoners
4.1 Society
4.2 Controlled by others/those in charge
4.3 Choices made based on others decisions
5 Shadows
5.1 Control of those who know more
5.2 Lead people into a false sense of security and reality
6 Prisoners who take shadows at face value
6.1 Unwilling to learn more
6.2 Society ( not philosophers)
6.3 They take the shadows to more real, do not question
7 The freed Prisoner
7.1 Journey of knowledge
7.2 Not easy to find the truth but it is important
7.2.1 Journey - Long, difficult, painful
7.3 Once experiencing it, he knows the importance of the truth
8 Outside the person understands
8.1 The real truth
8.2 What has been hidden from him
8.3 Enlightenment for him
8.4 Truth and reality and is more knowledgeable and wise because of it
9 The former prisoner
9.1 A philosopher
9.2 Someone who knows the truth and dedicates his life to helping others know it
10 Chained prisoners
10.1 An unwillingness of society to believe
10.2 Don't want to believe that tehy and their reality is wrong
11 Plato's point
11.1 Society are happy and comfortable where they are
11.2 Prisoners don't understand what the cave is to the former prisoner as they have not seen the outside world

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