Feedback from throughout my A2 media production tasks - Feedback was provided by different groups

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Mind Map on Feedback from throughout my A2 media production tasks - Feedback was provided by different groups, created by lelouchslove on 02/17/2014.

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Feedback from throughout my A2 media production tasks - Feedback was provided by different groups
1 During Post Production
1.1 Focus Group Feedback- Our choice of music was effective as it bought tension to the scenes which required it and the pace of the music matched that of the film itself. I learnt that my choices of music matches the scenes well enough to evoke a connection between the character of Thomas and the audience.
1.2 Target Audience Feedback- When editing, I was told that using sound layering was effective in bringing about a connection to the character. The white noise sound effect kept up the mystery genre especially.
1.3 Editor Feedback - Changes needed to be made to the positions of characters, especially in the kitchen scene as the height difference of the actors made the shot look uneven and a lack on flow occurred between shots.
1.4 Target Audience Feedback - When watching the film, it was suggested we make a lot of changes to the audio of the film, as there was continuous jumps and cut between shots in terms of the audio. It was suggested that I use transitions to blend the audio together.
2 Film Poster
2.1 Target Audience Feedback - Most people knew the genre was a mystery or a drama film. They recognised the photo on the poster from the location at the end of the film. Learnt that branding in my production tasks was effective.
2.1.1 Branding Expert Feedback - After talking to a contact who works in the branding industry, I found that having a strong brand and look in all elements of my project would 'allow them to be instantly recognisable'.
2.2 Teacher Feedback - Learnt to choose an image which made the plot and genre of the film clearer. Also to attach a brand to my project. An image which was similar throughout [the final scene location] was identifiable to the audience.
3 During Production
3.1 Teacher and Target Audience Feedback - As my group went through our footage, feedback we received from our teacher and our target audience told us that we required multiple re-shoots of most of our scenes after our original shoot. This was either because of lighting, camera shot and angle and meant that we had to organise our group to get quick re-shooting done and to the best we could. We fixed a few of our shots by adding match-on-action to the scene as this meant we could add more shots to our film.
3.1.1 Here is an image to show the comparison in our re-shooting, as learnt by feedback. The left image is the first shot we did. The right is the re-shoot in which we make Thomas' character the main feature, whilst the female characters where clearly not the main characters. * [Image is on Blog]
3.2 Online Feedback - When developing the idea of the film I used the website '' to gain feedback from our original log line and how I could develop the story.
3.3 Scriptwriter Feedback - A a group we used the opportunity of talking to a professional scriptwriter [Dudi Appleton] who told us about how we needed to make sure the plot of out film was set in stone and to change things about how the plot is revealed to the audience. From this we learnt we needed to show the audience important plot points at the start of the film: The stolen phone in the first show and the use of the word 'thief' in the second scene.
3.4 Teacher Feedback - When looking through our footage, we also found that there were some continuity editing breaks, as we broke the 180 degree rule and 30 degree rule a few times. During re-shoots we repeated shots to keep within the 180 degree rule.
4 Film Magazine Spread
4.1 Target Audience Feedback - The layout of the magazine looked professional and added to the look of the film. Make it appear less like a student film.

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