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1 Spectrum
1.1 Colours
1.1.1 Red
1.1.2 Orange
1.1.3 Yellow
1.1.4 Green
1.1.5 Blue
1.1.6 Indigo
1.1.7 Violet
1.1.8 Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain
2 Colour Mixing
2.1 Blue and Red = Magenta
2.2 Red and Green = Yellow
2.3 Green and Blue = Cyan
2.4 Cyan and Magenta = White
2.5 Magenta and Yellow = White
2.6 Yellow and Cyan = White
2.7 Cyan and Blue = Cyan
2.8 Red and Magenta = Magenta
2.9 Yellow and Green = Yellow
2.10 Red and Yellow = Yellow
2.11 Blue and Magenta = Magenta
2.12 Green and Cyan = Cyan
3 White Light is NOT just a single colour
3.1 Made of a mixture of colours (Spectrum)
4 Filters
4.1 Filters only let one colour of light go through it.
4.1.1 All other colours absorbed (Don't go through)
4.2 A Red filter absorbs all colours (Orange, Yellow, Green etc.) apart from Red.
4.3 A Blue filter followed by a Red filter will not show any light.
4.3.1 This is bacause, the Blue filter only absorbs Blue and then there is no Red in Blue for the Red filter to let through.
4.4 A Magenta filter followed by a Red filter will show red light.
4.4.1 This is because, the Magenta filter shows Red and Blue light and then the Red filter absorbs the Blue but lets through the Red.
5 Coloured Objects
5.1 Coloured objects REFLECT that colour.
5.2 Blue jeans are Blue because they reflect Blue light and asorb all the other colours.
5.3 Black and White
5.3.1 Black objects ABSORB all colours
5.3.2 White objects REFLECT all colours
6 Objects that seem to change colour in coloured light
6.1 A Red boot with Green laces looks Red with Green in White light.
6.1.1 The Red absorbs every colour APART from Red
6.1.2 The Green absorbs every colour APART from Green
6.2 A Red boot with Green laces looks Red with Black in Red light
6.2.1 The Red boot absorbs all the colours APART from Red.
6.2.2 The laces look Black as in Red light there is no Green. The laces however absorb all of the colour leaving it looking Black.
6.3 A Red boot with Green laces looks Black with Green in Green light.
6.3.1 The boot looks Black as in Green light there is no Red to reflect.
6.3.2 The laces look Green as they reflect the Green light.
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