LTM and the very big picture

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LTM and the very big picture
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LTM and the very big picture
1 1. Introduction
1.1 In this part, the author explains that the sociocultural context influences the teaching practicum


1.1.1 Including the teaching- learning materials, considered as "propositions for action in the classroom".
2 2. ELT materials: the 1950s to the 1980s
2.1 2.1 The 1950s/60s and the cold war
2.1.1 English language learning was a real concern for the USA against In order to keep up with technological developments in the rest of the world. By means of behavevioristic teaching methods
2.2 2.2 The late 1960s to the late 1970s
2.2.1 New humanistic approaches to ELT appeared Suggestopedia Silent way Natural Approach
2.3 2.3 The 1970s to the mid 1980s
2.3.1 New approach: CLT Takes into acconunt the indiviadual needs, learning styles and preferences
3 4. Conclusion
3.1 Resisting to materials marketing is mandatory for learners and teachers since uniformity ignores issues inherent to specific contexts
4 3. New imperatives on materials design: the mid 1980s onwards
4.1 3.1 McDonaldization
4.1.1 The interaction between the teacher and the learners is already established through teaching materials such as the coursebooks.
4.2 3.2 Neoliberalism
4.2.1 Language certification has demanded the creation of materials for this porpuse. Increasing the competence among enterprises and institutes in the global marketing