How Many Miles To Babylon: Cultural Context

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Context for How Many Miles To Babylon?

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How Many Miles To Babylon: Cultural Context
1 Class
1.1 Upper class, Anglo-Irish aristocracy
1.1.1 Wealthy background Reference to estate, stables, lake and house
1.2 Afford private education and trips around the world
1.3 Jerry's poverty
1.3.1 Jeremiah; 'Not a typical peasant name' 'There's nothing to do at home but plant the spuds and then dig them up and eat them'
1.3.2 'He was much smaller than I was'
2 Setting
2.1 Early modern twentieth century society
2.2 Wicklow
2.2.1 Irish Nationalist movement Political conflict Trenches warfare in France
2.2.2 WW1
3 Religion
3.1 Protestant VS Catholic
3.1.1 Alec is well educated, learns latin Neither take religion seriously, parody blessing in pub 'Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus Dominus Deus Saboth' Jerry spits on the ground when Alec asks if the priest has come 'Now father bless me...' Church rules and catechism plays a role at the end.
3.1.2 Alec takes no comfort from religion before death
3.2 'Faith is to comfort the living, it seems to me that it may be irrelevant for the dead.'
3.3 Morality of shooting Jerry

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