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A mind map on Close Up for a GCSE Art and Design project

Genevieve M.
Created by Genevieve M. over 5 years ago
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Close Up
1 Nearby
1.1 Within Reach
1.1.1 Touch Texture Scaley Tough Squidgy Bumpy Soft Smooth
1.2 Neighbourhood
1.2.1 Community Family Friends
1.2.2 Area Estate Village City Home School/Work Life
2 Biography
2.1 Life Account
2.1.1 Personal Details Hobbies Appearance Family and Friends
2.1.2 Life Story Travels Achievements
2.1.3 Actions Reasons Consequences
2.1.4 Evidence News Stories Photos Diaries Thoughts Secrets Letters Private Buisness
3 Zoom In
3.1 Distance
3.1.1 Get Further Away Zoom out
3.1.2 Get Closer
3.2 Magnify
3.2.1 Enlargment Shape
3.2.2 Microscope Particles Solid Liquid Gas Cells Science Geology Rocks Fossils Biology Alive or Dead Plants Animals Humans Microorganisms Pathogens Disease
3.2.3 View Clearer More Visible
3.3 Photograph
3.3.1 Frame Cinema Close Up
3.3.2 Detail Intricacy Depth Clarity Sharpness
3.3.3 Subject Plant Food Crops Fruit and Vegetables Trees Cell Leaves Flowers Petals Stem Human Anatomy Muscles Bones Cells Organs Heart Lungs Features Skin Limbs Hair Colour Length Style Mouth Eye Inside anatomy Lashes Iris Eye Colour Make-Up Environment Underwater Sky Space Planets Solar Systems Land Weather Rain Snow Storm Sun Animal Types (e.g....) Fish and Sea Creatures Scales Gills Fins Underwater Goldfish Shark Dolphin Insects Butterfly Wings Colours Patterns Spider Tarantula Beetles Garden Scarab Shell Colour Legs Wings Amphibians and Reptiles Scales Lizard Cold-Blooded Chameleon Snake Other Land Animals Cats Lions Tigers Domestic African Animals Giraffe Elephant Zebra Farm Animals Cow Sheep Pig Birds Eye View Wings Feathers Eagle Robin Crow Adaptations Coat Fur Scales Feathers Shell Size Large Small Habitat Sky Underground Land Underwater Bred in Wild Captivity
3.4 Section
3.4.1 Portion Food Subdivison
3.4.2 Collage
4 Motion
4.1 Slow
4.2 Fast
4.2.1 Blur
4.3 Still
4.3.1 Photograph

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