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    1. golden age
      1. after great depression gave people hope
        1. valuable
          1. phscological role
          2. even with no money, 16million people went to the cinema each week
          3. WALL STREET CRASH
            1. overproduction of goods
              1. rush to sell shares and redeem depths
                1. interest rates low
                  1. small banks unable to cope
                  2. great depression
                    1. a lot left unemployed
                  3. AMERICAN DREAM
                    1. gave everyone hope
                      1. everyone can be whatever they want IF they work hard
                        1. regardless of social class or circumstances of birth, everyone was equal
                          1. idea by equality by inspiration was a motto
                            1. improved ethos of US
                          2. WOMEN IN SOCIETY
                            1. inferior
                              1. no respect
                                1. lower pay
                                2. as result of GD money was tight so expected to leave jobs for men
                                  1. did unskilled jobs eg. seamstresses and secretaries
                                    1. expected to be homeowners as profession
                                    2. had to follow stereotypes: beautiful well mannered mothers
                                      1. got social status from husbands
                                    3. LIFE FOR FARMERS
                                      1. drought
                                        1. unable to farm
                                          1. no money
                                        2. working conditions bad
                                          1. paid $5 a day
                                          2. not many jobs
                                            1. everyone went to california
                                              1. too may people
                                          3. NEW DEAL
                                            1. response to Great Depression
                                              1. relief for unemployed
                                                1. series of domestic programmes
                                                  1. phscoligal effect
                                                    1. many different acts
                                                      1. many still in use today
                                                    2. RACISM
                                                      1. black people second class
                                                        1. racial discrimination legal
                                                          1. impossible to fight discrimination in the south
                                                          2. PRE-1928
                                                            1. 75million people
                                                              1. Roosavelt president
                                                                1. 1915 US in WWI
                                                                  1. age of confuserism
                                                                    1. 1920 women allowed to vote
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