Questions and anwers on how to make my anime drawing better

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How to draw anime

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Questions and anwers on how to make my anime drawing better
  1. How to shade the hair better?
    1. Go from light to dark
      1. How to draw the body?
        1. Make the shoulder to the elbo the same laughth as the elbo to the hand
    2. How to make anime hair?
      1. Start with the easy part of the hair and move on to the hardest
      2. How do I look up resources so I know my character environment?
        1. Look the chareacters on line and read about them .
        2. Can learn from copying others?
          1. Yes but it is always better to have your own style.
          2. Are guide lines important?
            1. yes even professionals use them.
            2. Can watching anime cartoons help?
              1. Yes because you see other styles
              2. whats the most important part of drawing anime?
                1. Learning to draw the anatomy.
                2. Does practice make me better?
                  1. Yes even doodleing for 10 minuts a day helps.
                  2. Can how to draw books help me?
                    1. Yes it can help me learn the basice of drawing.
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