Chinese economy

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Chinese economy
1 Shift: Assembly line -> technology
1.1 New generation
1.1.1 Internet billionaires
2 online bazaar
2.1 sell any item
2.2 Alibaba
2.2.1 enter other markets analysing external data extensive internal data
2.2.2 Wall Streets interest
2.2.3 $717m profit
2.2.4 Worth $110bn
2.3 Amazon
2.4 Ebay
3 2016: chinese e-comerce
3.1 enviable position
3.2 Worth more than US & EU combined
4 Smartphone maker
4.1 Russian billionaire: investor
4.2 High-end devices
4.3 Compete IPhone
4.4 Draw attention wealthy Chinese
4.5 Xiaomi
4.5.1 sees it as internet company
4.5.2 ferociously ambitious
4.5.3 sophisticated marketing
4.6 International expansion
5 Sina Weibo
5.1 Chinese equivalent of Twitter
5.2 Charles Chao
5.3 600m users
5.4 shares doubled 2013
5.5 Restrict twitter in China
6 China's internet powers are rising
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