How to change your dirt bike brakes.

Danielle Valenti
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changing brake pads

Danielle Valenti
Created by Danielle Valenti over 3 years ago
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How to change your dirt bike brakes.
1 How do you take off the tire.
1.1 How do you disconnect the old brake pads?
1.1.1 Pull the cord where the brakes connect to the main brake line.
1.2 Unscrew all the lug nuts.
2 How to connect the new brakes?
2.1 Hook the cord to the new brake pads to the main line.
3 How to put the tire back on?
3.1 Screw all the lug nuts back into their places.
4 Make sure that the tire is not wobbly.
4.1 If the tire is wobbly you did something wrong so ask an adult to look at it and see if you missed anything.
5 go slow.
5.1 Make sure that you don't go to fast only because you don't know if they are working or not.
6 Do the same thing.
6.1 Do the same thing that you did on the first tire ti the second tire
7 Double check.
7.1 Make sure that everything is how it is supposed to be.
8 Listen.
8.1 Take a sec and make sure there are no unusual noises
9 safety first.
9.1 Don't forget your helmet.

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