How to change a watch battery

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directions to repair a watch battery

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How to change a watch battery
  1. how do you make the glass for a watch?
    1. by making glass the way you usually make it but smaller
    2. how do you make a watch gasket?
      1. by using the rubber use for car tiers but cutout in a ring shape
      2. what is a watch face made out of?
        1. plastic depends on what watch you get but there mostly made out metal or melic
        2. how do you take off a watch back?
          1. by taking off the bolts at the corers on the back
          2. what is a latch hock
            1. it is a metal holder to hold the battery in place
            2. how to make a watch panel inside the watch
              1. very special metal that's sensitive so that interact with the other parts in the watch
              2. what type of screws are used for watches?
                1. tiny stainless steel water proof screws
                2. how do watch winders work?
                  1. there used for changing the time on the watch
                  2. what kind of tools you need to work on a watch?
                    1. 13PC watch repairer kit but it has to be a jewraly repairer
                    2. what are most watches made out of?
                      1. most of them are made out of l other metals and plastic and ceramic
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