Macro and Micro Nutrients

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Macro and Micro Nutrients
1 Macro Nutrients.
1.1 Carbohydrates - conatined in bread, pasta, potatoes, rice. Provide us with energy.
1.1.1 Fats - conatined in butter, oil, fatty meats and fried food. Provide us with energy but should be eaten in moderation. Can lead to weight gain. Protein - contained in cheese, milk, eggs, lean meat and fish. Aids muscle growth.
2 Micro Nutrients
2.1 Minerals and vitamins. Help with your immune system, general growth and health. Vitamins - fresh fruit and veg. Minerals - meat and veg.
2.1.1 Vitamin D is in dairy foods. Calcium is to keep our bones strong
2.1.2 Water and Fibre. Water prevents dehydration. Fibre aids the digestive system.
3 Timing of Dietry Intake.
3.1 For an average sized meal you should leave at least two hours before exercise.
3.2 The digestive system needs an increased blood flow + so do the working muscles when exercising. A conflict will occur if you eat just before exercise.
3.3 It can take up to four hours to fully digest a large meal.
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