Sexual desire/Lust The Bloody Chamber

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Created by hanniej35 over 5 years ago
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Sexual desire/Lust The Bloody Chamber
1 "a tender, delicious ecstasy of excitement"
1.1 "the great pistons ceaselessly thrusting"
1.1.1 "his kiss with tongue and teeth in it...hinted to me...of the wedding night" "When I said I would marry him, not one muscle in his face stirred, but he let out a long, extinguished sigh...'how he must want me!'" "I began to shudder, like a racehorse before a race...I felt both a strange, impersonal arousal at the thought of love and at the same time a repugnance I could not stifle" "He kissed me and laid his hand imperatively upon my breast" "His hand brushed my breast, beneath the sheet...When he say my reluctance his eyes veiled over and yet his appetite did not diminish. His tongue ran over red lips already wet" "'Decapitation,' he whispered, almost voluptuously" "I felt the silken bristle of his bread and the wet touch of his lips as he kissed my nape" "I saw him look at me with lust" "my scarlet, palpitating core" "my purchaser unwrapped his bargain" "teasingly, unfasten the buttons of my jacket and slip it from my shoulders...Off comes the skirt...the blouse" "He stripped me, gourmand that he was, as if he were stripping leaves off an artichoke"
2 "my satin nightdress had just been shaken from its wrappings...and now teasingly caressed me, nudging between my thighs"
2.1 "Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure"

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