Perspectives on Teaching and Teaching Competence

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Visible Teaching? Perspectives on Teaching and Teaching Competence

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Perspectives on Teaching and Teaching Competence
  1. What is teaching?
    1. Different methods used by teachers for student learning
      1. Happens between at least two subjects
        1. Is interactive
        2. Teacher knowledge and competence
          1. To know what you are doing and why?
            1. Different forms of knowledge in action
              1. Individual’s ability to act
                1. Skills, knowledge, and understanding
                2. Teaching analysis and teacher competencies
                  1. Interrelationship of teacherstudent-content
                    1. Develop different skills and attitudes of students
                      1. Connects learning to competence
                        1. Teaching and learning are different activities
                        2. Social competence
                          1. Cultural knowledge and relationships
                            1. Social aspects in teaching
                              1. Knowledge about students
                                1. Reflect pedagogical leadership
                                2. Content competence
                                  1. Teacher recognizes how different qualities in content are structured and developed
                                    1. Relevant subject knowledge
                                      1. Transform knowledge to student learning
                                      2. Didactic competence
                                        1. Knowledge about teaching
                                          1. Practical skills or performance in teaching
                                          2. Dimensions of teaching and didactic analysis
                                            1. Purpose of learning something
                                              1. Objectives for learning and students
                                                1. How is content selected and treated
                                                  1. What is to be studied
                                                  2. Objectives for learning
                                                    1. “How to get” knowledge
                                                    2. Aspects of the learner and content
                                                      1. Cognitive
                                                        1. Social
                                                          1. Emotional
                                                            1. Ethic
                                                              1. Physical
                                                                1. Creative
                                                                  1. Esthetic
                                                                  2. Processing content in teaching
                                                                    1. Didactic transformation
                                                                    2. Methods in teaching
                                                                      1. Instructional or mediating
                                                                        1. Interactive
                                                                          1. Exploring
                                                                            1. Creative or design
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