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Becca Gaden
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The mind map outlines all of the key theories of poverty and the underclass.

Becca Gaden
Created by Becca Gaden over 5 years ago
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1 Charles Murray
1.1 Gives a cultural explanation of poverty and the underclass
1.2 Underclass represents poverty which is rooted in undesirable attitudes, illegitimacy and crime and unemployment
1.3 Critics accuse Murray of 'Victim blaming'.
1.4 Benefits system needs to be changed e.g. reducing welfare benefits to force members of underclass to take on more responsibilities.
1.5 Harvey and MacDonald (Teeside- 2000) tested murray's views that the underclass have different views to mainstream society.
1.5.1 Majority of underclass DO have conventional aspirations
2 Stephen Craine Sceptical of view that there is an underclass in society. Most studies show little evidence of 'worky-shy', criminal young people.

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