Honors Thesis Topic Ideas


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Honors Thesis Topic Ideas
    1. Testing child STM vs. Adult STM?
      1. One group of children and one group of adults
        1. would all members of the group need to be of the same age?
        2. Using strings of letters, shapes, and numbers test
          1. Having certain intervals of time between seeing the string and reciting it back to experimenter
            1. Which group remembers things longer?
              1. Which group remembers more material?
          2. testing duration of STM?
            1. Testing capacity of STM?
              1. Piglet's developmental theory
                1. is it truly accurate of how children develop?
                  1. would be difficult to create a controlled experiment because of so many outside factors
                    1. Probably not a very realistic topic
                2. Froid's stages of development
                  1. How do they compare to piget's
                    1. How do they compare to real life?
                      1. This topic would require a long term study of many children
                        1. Probably not a very realistic topic
                  2. DRUG TOLERANCE
                    1. higher tolerance in certain environments?
                      1. does familiar environmental stimulus have an impact?
                        1. Test how much it takes for this theory to work
                          1. How long does the same stimulus need to be present?
                        2. AUTISM
                          1. Something with children?
                            1. testing certain ticks and what techniques help most?
                              1. Looking at a certain person or certain group for an extended period of time
                                1. Testing a certain requinque on the group/individual
                                  1. Maybe giving a certain reward for good behavior
                                    1. Does this help good behavior increase over time?
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