Numerical Stat Tests

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Numerical Stat Tests
1 1 group
1.1 1 sample from a frame and 1 variable
1.1.1 Parametric 1 sample t-test Compares means. H₀: μ = μ₁ example:
1.1.2 Non-Parametric Wilcoxon signed ranks test ranks values/differences ignoring signs. H₀; Median difference =0 Example:
2 2 Groups
2.1 Paired
2.1.1 Parametric Paired t-test Compare the mean of the diferences between the two measurements. If =0 then two groups the same. H₀; μ of diffs = 0 Example: Recruits with tooth decay at onset and 1 year later. Or Case Control study
2.1.2 Non-parametric Wilcoxon signed ranks test Rank the differences, ignoring signs. H₀; differences between -ve and +ve =0
2.2 Independent
2.2.1 Parametric unpaired t-test compare means of the two samples. H₀: means in both groups equal
2.2.2 Non-Parametric Wilcoxon rank sum test. Mann Whitney U test Sum the ranks in the two groups and compare
3 >2 Groups
3.1 Parametric
3.1.1 ANOVA between group variance (a) should equal within group variance (b) under the Null. ie HOMOSCDASTIC Therefore H₀: a = b. H₁: a > b Based on F -Ratio
3.2 Non-parametric
3.2.1 Kruskal-Wallis test Same as Wilcoxon rank sum but take into account sample sizes
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