Las vacaciones

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Reasons why people go on holiday, and what you can do on holiday

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Las vacaciones
1 Tumblarse en la playa - to lie on the beach
1.1 Tomar el sol - to sunbathe
1.1.1 Proteger tu piel - to protect your skin
2 Quedarse con amigos - stay with friends
2.1 Alquilar un apartmento - to rent an apartment
2.1.1 Alquilar un coche - to rent a car
3 Visitar lugares diferentes - visit different places
3.1 Hacer deportes acuáticos - to do watersports
4 Estar al aire libre - to be in the open air
4.1 Hacer turismo - to go sightseeing
4.1.1 Descubrir nuevas culturas - to discover new cultures
5 Disfrutar de vacaciones activas - to enjoy holiday activies
5.1 Tomar fotos - to take photos
5.2 Escapar del trabajo - to escape from work

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