Science and Technology


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Science and Technology
  1. Human Testing
    1. Necessary for developing new drugs and safety of the public
      1. Laws and regulations, must be honest about findings
        1. Thalidomide case shows how testing can have unexpected, devastating effects
          1. Informed consent must be given
            1. Evil experiments, Nazi concentration camps and Russian poison testing, The monster experiment.
              1. If not told and results in death or suffering could cause a public outrage
                1. Hippocratic oath
                2. Men injected had bad side effects
                3. Burns victims willingly tested in war
                  1. Katie Piper
                4. Animal Testing
                  1. Human rights group, PETA, object to testing because of consent
                    1. Can't give informed consent
                      1. Singer
                        1. Specieist
                        2. Christians may agree as they will be helping develop cures for human kind.
                          1. dominion over animals as stated in genesis
                            1. But we could be protectors?
                              1. Abraham and the Ram story shows that God puts humans first an animal may die to save one (also Passover)
                          2. Embryo Research
                            1. Stem cell use could find cures for diseases and to create organs etc.
                              1. Parkinson's disease and Alzeimers
                                1. therapeutic and reproductive cloning throw up different ethical issues
                                2. If life begins at conception then using the embryos as if disposable is murder
                                  1. Church of England/ Catholic
                                  2. Some religious groups may agree if it resulted in reproduction, natural law.
                                  3. Cloning
                                    1. Against the law to clone a human being, unethical.
                                      1. What are a clones rights?
                                        1. It's own person?
                                          1. Treated differently, lower or higher would have bad concequences
                                          2. How would they feel when they were told? Angry?
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