The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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A mind map to briefly summarize and explore major ideas in "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
1 Characters
1.1 Huckleberry Finn
1.1.1 Protagonist
1.1.2 12 years-old
1.1.3 Clever
1.1.4 Kind-hearted
1.2 Jim
1.2.1 Runaway Slave
1.2.2 Owned by Miss Watson
1.2.3 Intelligent and practical
1.2.4 Selfless
1.3 Miss Watson & Widow Douglas
1.3.1 W.D.: Provider for Huck
1.3.2 Elderly
1.3.3 Sisters
1.3.4 Deeply religious
1.4 'Pap' Finn
1.4.1 Alcoholic
1.4.2 Illiterate and uneducated
1.4.3 Racist
1.5 The King
1.5.1 Con man
1.5.2 70 years-old
1.5.3 Not very bright
1.5.4 Exploits others for money
1.6 The Duke of Bridgewater
1.6.1 About 30 years-old
1.6.2 Con man
1.6.3 Accomplished printer and actor
1.7 Tom Sawyer
1.7.1 Huck's friend from Hannibal, MO
1.7.2 Poses as his younger brother, Sid, to help Huck
1.8 The Wilks Family
1.8.1 Peter Wilks Dead patriarch
1.8.2 Mary Jane Wilks Eldest Daughter Beautiful Kind
1.8.3 Joanna Wilks Youngest daughter Doubts Huck, the King, and the Duke "hare-lip"
1.8.4 Uncles Rev. Harvey Wilks Preacher from England The King pretends to be him William Wilks Deaf and 'dumb' From England Impersonated by the Duke
1.9 The Grangerfords
1.9.1 Buck Sounds like "Huck" Acts like Huck Killed by the Sheperdsons
1.9.2 In a feud with the Sheperdsons
1.9.3 Wealthy landowners
1.9.4 Represent Southern chivalry
1.9.5 Sophia In love with Harney Sheperdson Older sister
1.10 The Phelps Family
1.10.1 Aunt Sally Aunt Polly's sister Tom Sawyer's aunt
1.10.2 Uncle Silas
1.10.3 Only real, functional family in the book
1.11 Aunt Polly
1.11.1 Tom Sawyer's Aunt
1.11.2 Sally Phelps' sister
1.11.3 Identifies Huck at the Phelps Farm
2 Setting
2.1 Mississippi River
2.1.1 Start: Hannibal, MO Hannibal is given the fictional name of St. Petersburg
2.1.2 Destination: Cairo, IL
2.1.3 Grangerfords: Kentucky/Tennessee border
2.1.4 Phelps Farm: southeastern Arkansas
2.2 1840's
2.2.1 Slavery is legal Abolition is a growing 'concern'
3 Themes
3.1 Racism and Slavery
3.1.1 Evidenced by the treatment of Jim and other slaves
3.1.2 Examine how Huck interacts with Jim VS. how others interact with Jim
3.2 Intellectual Education and Moral Education
3.2.1 Formal education limits Huck's development
3.2.2 Being away from society, Huck uses experience to make decisions about the world
3.2.3 Tom Sawyer contrasts Huck in education. Tom uses books to cause mischief
3.3 Hypocrisy of "Civilized" society
3.3.1 Miss Watson keeps slaves However, she declares that she is a good Christian
3.3.2 Grangerfords are wealthy landowners However, they try to kill their neighbors
3.3.3 The Law allows Pap to take his son and abuse him
3.3.4 Sherburn and Boggs
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