A framework for the HRD process "A DImE"


MGT3HRD (Chapter 1-Introduction to Human Resource Development) Mind Map on A framework for the HRD process "A DImE", created by Bekachu89 on 02/26/2014.
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A framework for the HRD process "A DImE"
  1. Assessment
    1. Examine organisation, enivronment, job tasks, employee performance.
      1. Prioritise needs
    2. Design
      1. Define objectives
        1. Develop lesson plan
          1. develop/acquire materials
            1. select trainer/leader
              1. select methods and techniques
                1. schedule the program/intervention
      2. Implementation
        1. Deliver the HRD program or intervention
        2. Evaluation
          1. select evaluation criteria
            1. determine evaluation design
              1. conduct evaluation of program or intervention
                1. Interpret results
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