Englisch Speaking Test

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Vorbereitung für mögliche Speaking Themen

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Englisch Speaking Test
1 applying for a job
1.1 good qualification
1.2 dress correctly and neatly
1.3 knowledge of current software-packages
1.4 be honest, tell the truth
2 dealingwith clients
2.1 employ highly motivated staff
2.2 give presents to clients to promote a company
2.3 offer the best service possible
3 arranging a conference
3.1 invite all delegates (number of rooms)
3.2 decide on the budget
3.3 choose location
3.4 fix dates/time
4 staff
4.1 organize day trips, social events, choose location
4.2 courses for employees
4.3 salary rewards
4.4 flexible working hours
5 recruitment
5.1 find internal candidates (mail/memo)
5.2 applicants should stay with the company for a long time
5.3 advertise on internet, newspaper
6 marketing
6.1 have competitive prices
6.2 plan the advertising budget
6.3 start a marketing campaign
6.4 advertise on TV, internet, radio, newspaper
7 quality control
7.1 inspect raw materials
7.2 check quality during the production process
7.3 check finished products
7.4 take samples
8 delivery company
8.1 speed of service
8.2 low cost/price
8.3 reputation
8.4 flexibility
9 working together
9.1 good atmosphere at the office
9.2 team building events
9.3 good team spirit
9.4 lunch together
10 advertising
10.1 new logo/image
10.2 advertising budget
10.3 communicate the benefits of the product/service
10.4 social network advertising
11 accommodation
11.1 short distance from the airport
11.2 well-equipped conference centres
11.3 city centre within walking distance
12 at a conference
12.1 give useful presentations
12.2 fill in a feedback form
12.3 discuss a range of issues
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