The Clay

Valentina Marinova
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Valentina Marinova
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"Art and culture in eTwinning project"- research

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The Clay
  1. Properties
    1. Plasticity
      1. Shrinkage
        1. under firing
          1. under air drying
          2. Texture
            1. Color
              1. brown or brick
                1. It contain iron oxide as the coloring agent
                2. gray or white
                  1. A lack of oxide
                3. Hardness
                4. Kinds of clay
                  1. Kaolin
                    1. Earthenware
                      1. Stoneware
                        1. Terra Cotta Red
                          1. Porcelain
                          2. Processes
                            1. preparing the material
                              1. working with clay
                                1. drying, firing, cooling
                                  1. decorating, glazing
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