Carers need for support

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Carers need for support
1 Burden of care
1.1 Mental
1.1.1 When the person with Dementia becomes cognitively imparied causing emotional difficultes for family
1.2 Physical
1.2.1 Physically demanding when the person with dementia requires assistance with pesonal cleansing and dressing
2 Eating
2.1 Constant anxiety
2.1.1 Forget to eat Physically unwell Weight loss and fatigue
3 Sleeping
3.1 Caused by the constant anxiety over the safety ad well-being of their loved one
4 Loss
4.1 The family may feel that they have lost the person due to a change in the persons mood,personality and behaviour and may have difficulty in accepting
5 Frustraton
5.1 Family can become frustrated when the person with Dementia deteriorates and becomes frustrated with themselves
6 Anger
6.1 The family may be angry that the person has developed Dementia or that the feel they have lost the person
7 Stress
7.1 Stress and anxiety within the home environment can cause a breakdown in social life/ relationships
8 Relationships
8.1 Stress can have an impact on expression of sexuality and intimacy causing a breakdown in sexual relationships
9 Financial and Economical
9.1 Adaptations to maintain a safe environment hve financial costs
10 Carer being cared for
10.1 Difficulty accepting carers role/ husband and wife role reversal
11 Lack of knowledge an understanding
11.1 Frustrated
11.2 Angry
11.3 Emotional
11.4 Lack of education
11.5 Lack of acceptance

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