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1 Croce
1.1 Strengths
1.1.1 further emphasises the subjectivity of art appreciation and the making of art, the more a subject is effected by the emotions of the artist the better
1.1.2 emphasis is not on communication as with tolsto but on the emotions themselves that the artist is attempting to express
1.1.3 art is the expression of intuitions - sense experiences of the ark combined with the arists emotions
1.2 Weaknessess
1.2.1 outdated, promotes classical art over modern, experimental art in his writing
1.2.2 disregards the importance of the artwork itself as less importan than the intentions of the artist
2 Tolstoy
2.1 Strengths
2.1.1 Believes in the universal nature of true art
2.1.2 importance of emotion and the intention of the artist
2.1.3 emphasis on subjectivity, connection of the audience with the art
2.1.4 art must have inentionality
2.1.5 has to be completely original and not resemble any other object/work of art.
2.2 Weaknesses
2.2.1 has to be of a moral or religious nature
2.2.2 condemns 'high' art such as Shakespeare
2.2.3 considers some feelings to be superior to others
2.2.4 assmes that only true art has an intense sbjecive effec on an adience, when propganda/horror films are more effecive a his
2.2.5 emotions felt by the audience have to be of a similar nature to those felt by the artist
3 Collingwood
3.1 Strengths
3.1.1 art has not just to be conciously created, it must also have a concious purpose
3.1.2 good art does not necessarily directly arouse the expressed emotions in us, but gives us a greater appreciation/understanding of the emotion in question this allows us to disagree with art whilst still appreciating it horror films are not art propor because he are designed to arouse feelins of fear in an audience
3.1.3 not an intellectual, inaccesbile activity, it requires imagination and creativity therefore appreciating art does not require intellectual skill but imagination
3.1.4 sole purpose of art is to express and refine a particular emotion of the artists
3.2 Weaknessess
3.2.1 views the mental processes of creating/appreciating art as more important than the art itself actual artisitic skill is unimportant
3.2.2 some kinds of art actuall do require a certain amount of experience/understading to appreciate them fully (classical music)
3.2.3 due to the sole purpose of art being to 'express and refine' emotion, religios and patrioic art is not considered 'art proper' so paintings such as The Tribute Money are devalued.
3.3 doesn't account for the diversity of expression and interpretation in art
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