Italy: The Rise of Fascism 1915-1945 Overview

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Italy: The Rise of Fascism 1915-1945 Overview
1 Weakness of Liberal Italy
1.1 The Unification of Italy
1.1.1 1870
1.2 Problems facing Italy
1.2.1 Division North Industrial Richer South Rural Poverty
1.2.2 Transformismo Weak government Coalitions Challenged by: Socialism Catholicism Nationalsim
1.2.3 Hostility of Catholic Church
1.2.4 Economic Weakness Agricultural Underdeveloped industry Lack of resources
1.3 Liberal Italy on Eve of WWI
1.3.1 Divisions Economic Political
2 The Rise of Fascism
2.1 WWI
2.1.1 Italy joins with Britain, France and Russia 1915 Promised territories Istria Dalmatia Tyrol Unprepared Encouraged by Nationalists
2.1.2 Victories 1918 Vittorio Veneto Minor
2.1.3 Defeats 1917 Caporetto Humiliating
2.1.4 Consequences Debt To Britain To USA Inflation Middle classes lose savings Industrial disputes Stikes Unemployment Returning soldiers Rise in support for Socialism
2.2 Threats to Italy
2.2.1 Socialism Feared by: Middle classes Industrialists Employers The Wealthy
2.2.2 Mutilated Victory Nationalists Seizure of Fiume 1919 D'Annunzio Soldiers Consequences of WWI
2.2.3 Economic Disasters
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