Electric Fields

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Physics (Electricity and Electronics) Mind Map on Electric Fields, created by CuteMarshmallow on 03/03/2014.

Created by CuteMarshmallow over 5 years ago
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Electric Fields
1 Force Fields
1.1 A field means a region where an object experiences a force without being touched.
1.2 Magnets cause magnetic fields and electric charges have electric fileds around them.
2 Electric Fields
2.1 In an electric field, a charged particle will eperience a force.
2.2 Lines of force are used to show the strength and direction of the force.
2.3 The closer the filed lines, the stronge the force.
2.4 Field lines are continuous.
3 Gravitational Fields
3.1 If a mass is lifted or dropped though a height then work is done (energy is changed)
3.2 If the mass is dropped then the energy will change to kinetic energy.
3.3 If the mass is lifted then the energy will change to gravitational potential energy.
3.4 Change in gravitational potential energy = work done.
4 Moving charges in electric fields
4.1 When a positively charged particle is released from a plate then the electrical potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.
4.2 QV = 0.5 mv (squared)
5 Electric field patterns

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