What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why?


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What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why?
  1. I looked at two particular films that related to my opening title sequence in order to see who the distributors were, I did this as my opening sequence has a similar plot and characters to the two films I looked at therefore the distributors may be interested in distributing my product. The two films I looked at were Lolita 1962 and Hard Candy, once watching these two films i decided to research in to their distributors.
    1. When researching the distributors of Lolita I came across several companies, I mainly focused on the UK distributors this is due to my opening title sequence being produced in the UK. Lolita was an important film to research as my opening sequence was largely influence by this film. This means researching its distributors could give me an insight to what media institute would distribute my media product as both product are extremely similar. Examples of the UK distributors i found were Warner Home Video and Metro Goldwyn Mayer
            1. When looking at Warner Home Video distribution I researched into the media institution to see what other films they distributed other than Lolita, these included Gravity and I am Legend both of which are hybrid genres made up of thriller combined with other genres such as action and adventure. As my media product is a thriller this distribution company may be interested in distributing my media product, due to a majority of their films they have distributed are of a thriller genre. As my film is heavily influenced by Lolita means it involves the same thriller conventions for example the young female playing the victim and the older male predator therefore they may want to distribute it due to it being similar to Lolita and with the success of this film my media product might regain some of that success however these films are aimed at mass audiences meaning they may not be interested in my media product due it being aimed at a niche audience.
              1. Warner Home Video with distribution in 90 international territories, commands the largest distribution infrastructure in the global video marketplace.
                1. Also due to it being such a high end media institution they may not be obliged to distribute a media product like mine due to it being an art house film that draws in a niche audience meaning they may be reluctant to invest as there is a risk of no return in profit.
                  1. WHV works close with warner bros digital distribution which maxmizes revenue opportunities across all new media distribution platforms
                  2. Examples of the distributors involved, they included distributors to different countries either distributed by VHS, DVD or theatrical
                        1. Metro Goldwyn Mayer seems to distribute art house films more, from researching this company the films they distributed were through theatrical and home entertainment therefore appealing to mass audience. However this distribution company is worth considering as my media product fits the pattern of their films however the success rate would worry me due to the lack of popularity to these films. Although a niche audience is best suited for media product I would still want it to be a more well known film.
                          1. MGM also has investments in domestic and international television channels
                          1. Lionsgate is a leading global entertainment company that has a strong and diversified presence in not only distribution but motion picture production. This company is led by films such as the hunger games and twilight aimed at younger adult audiences. Therefore this media institute may not be interested in my media product due to most of their films they distribute are aimed at a younger teenage audience in contrast to my media product which is aimed at ages slightly higher, 18- 30.
                            1. Lionsgate also has aglobal infrastructure of output deals covering 80%of the worlds ,movie going population outside China and India and self distribution off filled entertainment in the UK
                            2. I decided to research into the distributors of Hard Candy due to several elements of the film matching mine, most significantly the photographs of the young girls. Therefore with this similarity the distributors such as Lionsgate may be interested in distributing my media product due to them reeking in the benefits beforehand.
                              1. When researching Hard Candy,I Iooked into all the media institutions that distributed it. However I focused on the UK distribution and found Lionsgate to be the main institute.
                              2. To conclude the media institute I would like to distribute my media product would be Warner Home Video due to it being the largest distribution infrastructure this way the deals set in place to get audiences to see my media product would be reasonable and it would ensure a guaranteed audience due to them having networks in several places.
                                1. My media product would typically be an art house film in which it is typically a serious independent film aimed at a niche audience rather than a mass audience
                                  1. Distribution is the process in which a media product in this case a film is made available for audiences by a film distributor this is done in several ways through theatrical release, home entertainment release etc..
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